Friday, December 26, 2008

Momma's home!!! And a Very Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone!

"Momma's Home!" Those were the words of joy that would echo through the house whenever mom came back from grocery shopping. My brother and I would help her carry the groceries into the kitchen and might even help put them away, but mainly to see what kind of "Free Inside" was in the cereal she had bought that day.

If you're not familiar with the tradition of "Free Inside" let me introduce you. Cereal makers have long tried to induce children to ask their parents to purchase their brand of cereal by seducing them with promises of prizes inside the box. Though the prizes would change, the packaging always included the word "Free" when talking about what was inside! So my siblings and I began calling the prize "the Free Inside". We took turns getting the "Free Inside" and we were especially happy if we got to go with mom and pick out the cereal if it was our turn to get the "Free Inside".

But more often than not, Momma, like the wise woman she was, would leave the children at home when she shopped for groceries (probably to avoid the incessant requests for candy in the checkout aisle!). So we would await her arrival and someone would shout, "Momma's home!" whenever she arrived, bringing home the goods. It was a good feeling.

That's how I feel today that "Momma's home" from the hospital! And the "Free Inside" is the visit we had in her bedroom, just chatting about everything and nothing, all the while sitting on her bed, not being interrupted by people taking her blood pressure, giving her a pill or the sounds of someone being paged over the intercom! What a great gift it is to have mom home! She's doing well, looking good, feeling better and well on her way to recovery. Thank you for your prayers.

She came home the day AFTER Christmas, which was ok with us. We wanted her to get the best careChristmas Lunch at the Cabrini Cafeteria - hamburgers and gumbo, YUM!!! she could, for as long as it took to get better, and she did. We did get to enjoy part of our Christmas Day with her and Dad in her hospital room. We took our gifts up there for a grand revealing and really enjoyed visiting with them for awhile. (I took a few pictures with my cellphone camera. Don't tell her about the picture that she's in - she'll KILL me! ) Then we had lunch in the cafeteria before heading out to visit with a few friends. I was very appreciative of the cafeteria staff and all those who worked on Christmas Day serving others. What a blessing you are!

All in all, it was a great day - and the best gift we've received is getting mom back home, well on her way to recovery. Thank you to everyone who visited, called, sent flowers and gifts and prayed for her, and us. Your encouragement has been tremendous! Thank you again.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well. This morning as I drove though a drive-through window I noticed folks weren't as happy or cheerful as they had been leading up to Christmas. I started to say "Merry Christmas" in an effort to cheer them up but held back, thinking they would find that strange. But I've decided that since we celebrate Jesus' birth all year long that I can say "Merry Christmas" at any time - and hopefully it will bring a little cheer to someone's life. Even though "Christmas Day" is past, the message of Christmas lives on. So ..... Merry Christmas everybody!


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