Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Carols & Communion by Candlelight!

Hello everyone!

I'm SUPER excited about our Christmas Eve service at 5:00PM on Wednesday. "Carols and Communion by Candlelight" will be a great experience to everyone who comes, and YOU'RE invited!

We've got several folks who will be participating in leading various carols and we'll celebrate communion together, all in an atmosphere of worship and simplicity. I'm excited about the wide participation from several folks who will each add a special touch. And the candlelight portion of the service is always special and creates wonderful memories! All of this and we'll have you out by 6:00PM so you can enjoy the evening with your family. I'm really looking forward to spending part of our Christmas Eve with YOU!

I know you're looking for an update on my mom and I don't have a lot to report, other than she's doing better every day. Today was better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today! They did find a blood clot on her lung, which explains why she was struggling with getting her blood-oxygen levels up. They've got her on some additional blood thinners that should help with the clot. She'll feel so much better when she's not out of breath!

I really do appreciate the care she's been receiving from the fine folks at Cabrini. BTW, someone asked me about my use of the word "cracker jack" when I described one of mom's doctors in yesteday's post. I meant it in the most respectful way. Here's the definition from Reference.com that shows what I meant:

  • crackerjack - expert
  • Definition: Having or demonstrating a high degree of
    knowledge or skill.
  • Synonyms: adept, crack, master, masterful, masterly,
    professional, proficient, skilled, skillful

I apologize for any confusion. I really am impressed with the care mom's received and I'm excited that she has a highly skilled team of physicians, nurses, techs and care-givers attending to her. They're definitely a crackerjack bunch of folks!!! :)

See you at our Christmas Eve service!

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