Monday, February 13, 2006

Smell the Color Nine

Do you remember the Chris Rice song "Smell the Color Nine"? It was about the struggles one has in finding God, hearing His voice, especially when everyone around you says, "God told me..." but you're not hearing anything. But it's truly a song of faith that essentially says even if I don't see burning bushes and hear audible voices I still "simply believe" and my "heart of faith keeps poundin' so I know I'm doing fine". That's a good place to be in in faith, to simply believe.

I've been really moved by the song "It is well with my soul" and other songs that express similar faith ("Let Everything that has Breath" and "Blessed be Your Name" come to mind.) These songs express a heart of faith and trust in God that is deeper than surface-level Christianity. It says, "You are God and I am not. What you decide is best, even if I don't like it." Kinda reminds you of Job, "The Lord gives, the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord."

Oddly enough, the reason I started thinking of all of this was the number nine. This weekend in our Project:Revolution, nine young people gave their hearts to Jesus!!! (Read about it on Jon's blog.) What a blessing to hear of these teenagers making a public stand for their faith in Jesus, committing to live their lives according to His teachings. Jon was pretty stoked and so was I when he shared. I could just "smell the color nine" so to speak!


Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Town Talk reports Pineville mayor, council win re-election

The Town Talk - Pineville mayor, council win re-election

The link above is to an article on the Town Talk's website reporting that Mayor Clarence Fields and the entire Pineville City Council won re-election today, as no one qualified to run against them (us). As a member of the Pineville City Council, I'm so appreciative of the citizens for trusting in us and giving us the opportunity to serve them 4 more years.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I've served on the Council and especially enjoy working with the team that is there. Though we have differing views on many issues, the respect and team-work is evident - each member of the team works to make Pineville better, not just their district. I often say, "a rising tide lifts all boats" and this team believes in that point of view.

The team also includes the administration, staff and employees of the City of Pineville. Mayor Fields brought with him an understanding of team work - TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More. He is quick to give praise to staff members and those who deserve it. I appreciate his leadership.

Pineville, thank you for trusting us again. We are your employees, we work for you. Thank you for giving us another opportunity to serve you.

Friday, February 10, 2006

A Picture Share! GCS Chapel

My first attempt to "MoBlog." This is a picture of the GCS HS Chapel service that I lead each Thursday. Fine group! (Picture was taken on my Treo 600 camera. It's a 0.3 megapixel 640x480 camera so I don't expect too much from it, but it's handy for quick shots since I always have it with me.)

Chapel at Grace Christian School is one of the highlights of my week. I lead the elementary school chapel every Wednesday and the JH/HS chapel every Thursday. The elementary school students are more responsive and really get into it. The JH/HS students are more reserved but we're developing a good rapport.

Children and youth are amazing ... so much energy and creativity! I've always enjoyed working with them but they will definitely keep you on your toes. If all you've got are stock answers and platitudes you won't last. They're hungry for real answers to real issues. Maybe that's it ... their quest for a true reality helps keep me real. Thank you guys!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm testing the 'MoBlog' function, sending this message from my trusty Treo 600. If it works, I may become a more prolific blogger! Look out!!!

Moving on up!!!

As the theme song from the Jefferson's plays in my mind, I begin the transition to I had kept a blog over at LiveJournal but during the aftermath of the hurricanes of 2005 it languished. Then I learned that some of my friends couldn't read blogs at LiveJournal but could at Blogger. And a good friend also moved his blog from LiveJournal to Blogger and I really like the way it looks. So, I'm moving on up!!!

So, what can you expect from this blog? Well, here's a repost of part of my first post over at LiveJournal:

--------- begin quote ----------

That's a terrific title, isn't it? "First Post" - So original! But this really is my first post! I've read many blogs and toyed with the idea but I've never 1)been brave enough, 2)had enough time, 3)considered myself interesting enough that others would care to read, 4)known how to limit my life to just one area to blog about. For example, do I blog about my life as ...
a pastor,
a businessman,
a family man,
a father,
a politician,
a civic-minded individual,
a missionary
or just an ordinary joe? My interests are varied and eclectic - reading, technology, music, computers, web design, worship, missions, history, travel, etc. So what do I blog about?That's a good question. I guess I'll find out over the days and weeks ahead. This should be an interesting experience, for me at least. Hopefully along the way someone else might read something that they appreciate, enjoy or that motivates them in some area of their life. In the meantime, check out my friend Joel Dyke's blog - he's the one who got me started in this!


P.S. I'm writing this from Costa Rica where I'm currently on a short term missions trip speaking at and translating for a Christians Sharing Christ missions conference and visiting Stephen & Georgiana Thomas, missionaries our church supports that are overseeing the construction and administration of a children's home in conjunction with a local church. Ain't the Internet grand?!!!

--------- end quote ----------

Well, that about wraps it up. I hope to keep this updated regularly and look forward to your comments. See ya soon!