Monday, July 14, 2008

Mexico Mission report

Howdy all!

Well, we're back! Our team returned from Mexico on Saturday, tired but excited. It was a great week of work, connection, relationships, worship, friendship, tears and joy. It rained on the team the first few days so they weren't able to do as much work as they had hoped, but they got a lot accomplished, including scraping the old stucco off the sides of the chapel, sorting and washing a TON of clothes for the children and setting up a computer lab. Here's a brief slideshow to give you a feel for the trip:

The hardest part of the trip, for me personally, was leaving Joy, our oldest daughter, at the orphanage. I didn't know it would be this hard! But at the same time, I'm INCREDIBLY proud of her for having the desire to serve. She used her graduation money to pay for her stay at the children's home and even helped pay for another of the students to be able to go on the trip. To say I'm proud of her is an understatement!

I'm also excited that she will have the opportunity to improve on her Spanish speaking. Since she was born in Mexico when Lori and I were missionaries she has the unique status of holding dual-citizenship. She has two birth certificates and two passports. And she is improving on her second language! (Third, if you count "txting"! )

We're keeping up with her as best we can. She does have a MySpace account and we're able to text message and email. She can also get an occasional cell phone signal, if she stands in the right place and the winds are just right! The orphanage will be getting a telephone soon so we hope to be able to hear her voice from time to time. (Can you tell I miss her?) In the meantime, I sure would appreciate any prayers you'd like to offer on her behalf! Until next time!


UPDATE: If you'd like to contact her, here is how you do it:


Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan,
I love reading your blog. Wish you could write more. Praying for Joy.

Jenni Y. Michigan

NathanMartin said...

Hi Jenni!

Thanks so much for the comment and for the prayers for Joy. As for writing more, I'm going to do my best! I'm using the Feedburner service on the blog now so if you want to subscribe you can receive notifications of new posts. Thanks again for the comment.