Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dirt Moving Machines!

They say that boys never grow up, their toys just get more expensive. What boy doesn't like to play in dirt? These guys got to grow up and live a dream - using big toys to play in dirt all day long ... and get paid for it!!!

This picture is of a dozer working in the drainage retention area where the new Lowes is being built in Pineville. (Where the "old" Walmart was in the King's Country Shopping Center.) But really it's just an excuse for me to test my ability to blog from my cellphone and include a picture! Here's hoping it came through!!!


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Anonymous said...

It worked! (Blogging from your cell phone that is!) I always thought that would be a cool job.... to run a bulldozer. No phones, no computers, no whiny people... just the great outdoors (oh, but could I please have a closed in "cock-pit" with A/C please! hahahaha!)

Anyway, enjoying your daily blogs. Keep it up!!!

Lots of love,

NathanMartin said...

Thanks for the comment, Shana. Glad to know my cell-phone post worked! As for the "closed in cock-pit with A/C", I got to ride in one of those a little while back. Mike Duncan has a tractor that truly has a cock-pit, with GPS navigation for straight rows, a seat that's more comfortable than my recliner and cool A/C pumped in to compliment the satellite radio! It drives itself on those mile-long rows! So, whenever you're ready, they have a machine for that! [G]

Love you, sis!