Monday, February 13, 2006

Smell the Color Nine

Do you remember the Chris Rice song "Smell the Color Nine"? It was about the struggles one has in finding God, hearing His voice, especially when everyone around you says, "God told me..." but you're not hearing anything. But it's truly a song of faith that essentially says even if I don't see burning bushes and hear audible voices I still "simply believe" and my "heart of faith keeps poundin' so I know I'm doing fine". That's a good place to be in in faith, to simply believe.

I've been really moved by the song "It is well with my soul" and other songs that express similar faith ("Let Everything that has Breath" and "Blessed be Your Name" come to mind.) These songs express a heart of faith and trust in God that is deeper than surface-level Christianity. It says, "You are God and I am not. What you decide is best, even if I don't like it." Kinda reminds you of Job, "The Lord gives, the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord."

Oddly enough, the reason I started thinking of all of this was the number nine. This weekend in our Project:Revolution, nine young people gave their hearts to Jesus!!! (Read about it on Jon's blog.) What a blessing to hear of these teenagers making a public stand for their faith in Jesus, committing to live their lives according to His teachings. Jon was pretty stoked and so was I when he shared. I could just "smell the color nine" so to speak!



Anonymous said...

nice. I really dig the comments about the song because i have been feeling that way for a little bit now. No matter what happens I know God is in control. He is so good to us and so amazing...I am blown away by Him everyday! I might have to give Chris Rice another chance, I passed him up in my "harder music" stage.
But i do like the cartoon song...

danohlerking said...

i've been doing a little bit of a study on "faith" lately - and i love your take on it here. thanks for the reminder about the song about 9.

and ptl - congrats on the 9 saved! that's really awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that. Praise the Lord!

I'm so happy I can read this now! :)