Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Laying over in Tokyo, Japan

Hello everyone!

Patrick and I are sitting in an Internet cafe in the Narita airport in Tokyo, Japan. We arrived safely and on time after a flight of over 12 hours. In addition we are 14 hours ahead so for you guys the time is roughly 1:15 AM but here it is 3:15PM. We have another 4 1/2 hour flight ahead from Tokyo to Manila that will get us in around 10:00PM local time, around 8:00AM your time. We are trying to stay awake all the way to Manila so we`ll be able to sleep well there, even though our bodies will think it`s daytime!

Once we arrive in Manila we will have been traveling over 24 hours from Dallas. We got to the airport at 7:00 AM Monday and will arrive at 8:00AM Tuesday your time. I can see that jet lag will be a problem but we`re doing the best we can to prepare our bodies for it. I slept on the plane from Dallas even though it was during the day, just trying to get a jump on things.

It`s always interesting who the Lord brings across your path. On the 12+ hour flight Patrick sat next to a lady from Taiwan and I sat next to a 22 year-old college student from China who is studying in Washington but is returning to China for the summer break. Shortly after introducing myself the conversation drifted to the purpose of our trip and he started asking questions about Christianity. He has attended a few church services in Washington and is intrigued with Christianity. He had excellent questions and we spent the next couple of hours discussing them. I gave him my card and email and encouraged him to email me. I hope he does. Please pray for June Xhie that the Gospel seeds planted will bear the fruit of salvation.

While we were talking I noticed an oriental teenager in front of me who was almost breaking his neck to listen to our conversation. Later in the flight I struck up a conversation with him and found out he is 13 and is a Christian. He was born in China but has lived in the Houston area most of his life. He is returning to China with his father to visit family for the summer. He thanked me for sharing my faith and told me he would pray for June. He was very encouraging about our trip and promised to pray for us. I promised to do the same for him. Would you lift up a prayer of thanksgiving for Melvin Chin?

Well, I`d better go. This Japanese keyboard is giving me fits! Patrick and I are going to be getting on a double-decker airplane for our next flight. Our seats upstairs so that should be fun. I`ll try to write from Manila when we get into our hotel, if they have Internet access. If not, it may be another 24 hours before we get to Cagayan de Oro in the Philippino state of Mindanao before I`m able to post again. Thanks for all your prayers!

Nathan <><
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