Monday, September 01, 2008

Getting through Gustav

Hi y'all,

It's about 6:45PM and we're sitting in the darkened living room watching the wind and rain through the window. We lost power about an hour ago and are settling in for an AC-free evening. I've got fresh batteries for the radio so we can keep up with updates.

Supposedly the worst of the storm will be between 8:00-10:00 tonight. I've got a feeling we'll be in bed a little earlier since we won't have lights to fight the darkness.

My mom and dad are returning from vacationing in Tennessee. Ialve tried to talk them into delaying their return but I guess I get my har-headedness naturally. :) They should be home in the next hour.

The church just lost power - the McBrides had lost power at their house and went up to the church. He just texted me in the last paragraph to tell me the lights are out there now.

Oh well, I'll post more once the storm is past. I pray the Lord will keep us all safe and allow us to minister to others on the other side of the storm.

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