Friday, August 08, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman interview

Hello again,

I know you might be surprised by such a quick post so soon after my most recent one (two within 24 hours? Unbelievable!!!) but I received the following video in email and just HAD to share it with you. Many are familiar with the story of Steven Curtis Chapman, the Christian singer/songwriter whose youngest daughter died in a tragic accident, run over by his son in their driveway. Like many, I've prayed for them and wondered how they're doing. This interview by ABC gives you a peak into their lives:

(If the video doesn't work you can see it directly on ABC's website at: - there's a brief commercial then the video.)

No one can watch that video and not come away with a sense of awe at the power of faith and God's ability to comfort His people in their time of grief. For those walking through a time a mourning, you'll be amazed at Emily, their teenaged daughter's insights into the journey of grief as she described the winding road. It will probably resonate deep inside. I was also deeply moved by the words Steven yelled to his son as he left for the hospital: "Will Franklin, your father loves you!"

Isn't that the message that we all so desperately need to hear? Your Father loves you! No matter what's happened or what you've done, your Father loves you.

Steven's wife, Mary Beth, was especially moving as she shared the grief that only a mother can feel when having lost a child. This family did not sugar-coat their pain or fake anything. They are a real family walking through a real tragedy with a real faith in a real God.

I pray that the Tarpley family will have a similar testimony of faith. They've walked through a real tragedy but may their real God comfort them even when they feel empty and alone. There will be days when they don't feel they have any faith, but God is big enough for those days too. And when they turn, they will be able to strengthen their brothers (see Luke 22:32).

Thank God for Hope!


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