Friday, June 09, 2006

Crawfish taste better when you catch them yourself!

Here's a photo of a recent outing ... that's my brother André and his son Justin emptying a crawfish trap at a friend's crawfish pond a couple of weeks ago. (Thanks Brian!) We all gathered for an afternoon of crawfishing and regular fishing. After working the traps we went over to the stocked pond to let the kids catch some bream, bass and catfish while we boiled the 80 or so pounds of crawfish we had "harvested". They were succulent!!! I don't know if it was us gathering them or what but they tasted even more delicious than usual.

I've recently taken up golf again, at the urging of a couple of dear friends. I've made an outing to LSUA's course as well as to the driving range and we're going again tomorrow so I guess I'm a hacker again. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time with my friends ... and the exercise hasn't hurt. (Hasn't helped yet either! )

Today we were talking about the different phases we go through. A little while back it was paintball ... what a blast! Now I'm into motorcycles and golf. It's interesting how people get involved in hobbies and throw themselves into them wholeheartedly. And then try to convert others to their hobby. (Thanks, but no thanks on going back to the gym! ) Some people eat, breathe and live deer hunting. For others it's quilting, or fishing, or knitting, or genealogy, or _________ (fill in the blank). None of the hobbies are bad, as long as we don't become obsessed with them.

My question to myself (and you too, if you're reading this) is, do I invite others to know Jesus with the same passion that I invite them to go motorcycling, golfing, paintballing, crawfishing, etc? These things are great but they have only a temporary reward. But what about the truly eternal reward of knowing Jesus? All the other things provide a temporary high that we enjoy sharing with others. Maybe we need to share that eternal high as well. At least invite them to the party! ;)



Anonymous said...

Dood! You have a blog?!? This is Faith. I just found this site and so I thoguth I would leave a comment. Luv ya!


NathanMartin said...

Hi Faith,

Thanks for the comment. I started to post a picture of you out in the water with Uncle Andre and Justin but I thought I'd save you the embarrassment and me the grief! But you did look cute in those chest waders!!! [GRIN]

Love ya,
Nathan (aka "Dad")

Anonymous said...

Hey Nathan!

I just this site often to see if you've posted anything new. It was a great surprise to see that you finally did! LOL!

Great entry. Thanks for sharing.

I love you!

NathanMartin said...

Great to hear from you on my blog, Shana! I know I don't update often enough ... but like the old saying goes, "I try!" [GRIN] Hope you're having a great week. See you Thursday!


Fëanor said...

It can be difficult to summon the passion for anything equal to my passion for crawfish (although my true passion is eating them)! I understand your dilemma.

Sorry about the misunderstanding on my blog. After leaving Blogger, the comments are less regulated and I never know who's stopping by!

NathanMartin said...

Not a problem, Fëanor. Since yours wasn't a blogspot site, I didn't know if I should leave a link to a blogspot site or not. Nice to hear from you. Keep up the good work! (And eat more crawfish!!!)


Anonymous said...

Excellent post bro Nathan! Lol! Faith just barely found your blog? that's funny! Anyway, I really enjoyed this and am going to redirect some of that ferver back into the ministry that God and you all have entrusted me with, while it is an honor and a blast to go golfing, it is very much more an honor and a blast to worship with the Church family that has accepted me as their own. So uh...when do you wanna hit the links again?